Can you do an animated wallpaper for me?

So you want to make your desktop look amazing? I will gladly do it for you! However, I only work on Wallpaper Engine and my wallpapers are only compatible on this platform.  

It usually takes me between 1 or 3 days to do it, depending on how I am available to complete the wallpaper.

What is Wallpaper Engine?

Wallpaper Engine is an application allowing you to use dynamic & animated wallpapers (such as scenes, videos, web or even applications) for your desktop.

It costs only 3,99€ but I believe this is a must-have for your computer. I highly recommend it.

Since it is only available on the Steam platform, you will need to create a Steam account if you already don’t have one (it’s free).

Will you charge me for this?

No, I don’t charge anything, it’s all free.


Let's see what you already have !

Note: You’re just watching .gif preview. There is no loop, everything is rendered in real-time within the Wallpaper Engine application.

All the wallpapers I have already made are available for free, please do not hesitate to try them out, here’s the link to my Steam profile.

How do I submit?

How do we get started? Contact me at

Send me a link to your image, make sure to find the highest available resolution. You will be notified once I receive your request and also upon completion.