Can you do an animated wallpaper for me?

So you want to make your desktop look amazing? I will gladly do it for you! However, I only work on Wallpaper Engine and my wallpapers are only compatible on this platform.  

It usually takes me between 1 or 3 days to do it, depending on how I am available to complete the wallpaper.

What is Wallpaper Engine?

Wallpaper Engine is an application allowing you to use dynamic & animated wallpapers (such as scenes, videos, web or even applications) for your desktop.

It costs only 3,99€ but I believe this is a must-have for your computer. I highly recommend it.

Since it is only available on the Steam platform, you will need to create a Steam account if you already don’t have one (it’s free).

Will you charge me for this?

No, I don’t charge anything, it’s all free!

However, if you feel grateful enough and really enjoy it, you are free to donate. It only motivates me to make more amazing wallpapers.

Just keep in mind that it can sometimes easily take up to a couple of hours on my free time to do just one single wallpaper, depending on how many details I have to get done just for you 🙂

Should you be satisfied with the wallpaper and wish to support me, you have a PayPal link available.


Let's see what you already got !

Here are a few wallpapers I’ve done already, hope you like it.

Note: You’re just watching .gif preview. There is no loop, everything is rendered in real-time within the Wallpaper Engine application.

All the wallpapers I have already made are available for free, please do not hesitate to try them out, here’s the link to my Steam profile.

How do I submit?

How do we get started? Contact me at

Send me a link to your image, make sure to find the highest available resolution. You will be notified once I receive your request and also upon completion.