Kite-Bank Concept App

A sleek design concept of a modern banking Android, iOS app, matching clarity, functionality and essentialness.

Kite-Bank App

Sketching & Wireframing


This issue was about drafting an  interface where the user manipulates and interacts as less as possible for each task and browsing.


The wireframing was done in Figma, marking an important step in the designing process as well as offering guidance. 

Color palette

Flat, pastel red and blue, mixed into a two variants of linear gradient, meaning as balance and emphasizing on trendy customer communication.

mockuper (3)


Pixel Accuracy

In order to achieve proper consistency across the app, objects, containers and text fields require to be properly spaced around or evenly. Every single pixel matters during this process.

Home (Pixel Accuracy)
App overview
App All Pages 2
threed_mockup (6)
Credit Cards
threed_mockup (3)
threed_mockup (5)


qr-code 1

You can try out a live prototyping of the Kite-Bank App here

Click below or scan this QR-code

3D x2 Phones Mockup 3
Business Card Front
Front Card (Contact)
Business Card Back
Back Card (QR-Code)

Business Cards

Extending the design

The purpose of a well-thought design system is to become reused and extended to other products, prints, brochure, advertising, marketing.

A design system is also never finished and continuously supported and updated, as the company evolves in regard to its environment.


Social Media Ads

Company branding & identity

This marks the first step of the branding of a company. A good positioning makes it stand out from the rest, allowing the ability to charge a higher price, stave off competition and facilitate through difficult times.



A challenge: balance between usefulness, usability and desirability

It was somewhat challenging to try and keep this minimal and simple but mainly practical, since banks are often known for their complexity or confusion. The less, the better. In order to make a good user experience, it is important to bear in mind to implement as few call-to-actions as possible. The Kite-Bank App is meant to be genuinely intuitive for any user.

Design-wise, this is also an attempt to bring more playful colors – but not too much nor too vivid – amidst the old-school and old-fashioned bank designs. It could suit a startup company as such. The initial emotional response the user should get is an an up-to-date, authentic, modern and inviting application to try and use, and this would as well extend to the company’s image and relationship with the customer.

As far as I am concerned, working on this concept was very entertaining because you need to push your imagination and creativity from scratch, lay out and organize your ideas for them to make sense into an actual usable product.