What is this website? πŸ™„

WINDOWSCUSTOMIZATION.com is a website showcasing customization assets for your computer and web browser.

A thanks to all of the authors out there…

Most of the content posted here does not belong to WINDOWSCUSTOMIZATION.com. It is only shared and advertised freely because we think it deserve recognition. We sincerely thank all of the authors for their work.

In the continuous logic of sharing, there is no direct download of an author’s work on this website. The work is only linked to its original website.

The interest in shaping a computer…

We can only be surprised by the lack of customization and personalization we are given from all of these big companies. πŸ˜•

People love to customize their things. We all have different tastes, clothes, choices and color preferences. It’s our way to differentiate from others and tell what’s theirs, and what’s ours.

Why not then stay on the lookout for the latest and most efficient ways to customize our working place, in order to to make it familiar, ergonomic, practical and, last but not least, beautiful.

A purpose, in a few words

This website will do its best to unearth the best gems of customization on the internet, centralize everything here on this website, with easy tutorials, downloadable links and explanations. πŸ“šπŸ“–

The end

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