Kay’s Corsair Designs (for Wallpaper Engine)

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This application gives you access to more designs for the Corsair Collection that’s available for Wallpaper Engine. Even as is, it still gives you options to customize the default patterns and remove the logos.


  • 3 Returning, default designs with adjustable pattern scale: “Brick”, “Circuit”, “Circuit Dotted”
  • 5 New (not exactly great) designs: “Bad Meets Evil 2”, “Kay’s CWED”, “League of Legends”, “Spook”. The fourth, named “Hex” is also an adjustable patter.(the non scalable Designs are 1080p for now)
  • Animated wallpaper preview with Rainbow Effect.
  • Adjust pattern scale.
  • Apply wallpaper Design directly from KCWED.
  • Remove Corsair and/or iCUE logos.(Restore option available)
  • Auto-refresh Wallpaper.**
  • Launch Wallpaper Engine directly from KCWED.

Click here to download.

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