ThrottleStop is a small application designed to monitor for and correct the three main types of CPU throttling that are being used on many laptop computers.

It’s not really part of customization, however, it’s the useful features that are necessary because :

  1. They drastically reduce laptop overheat (10°C in my case).
  2. They help stabilize your CPU (lower top FPS, but overall higher and more stable).
  3. Will slighltly help with battery

It does so by undervolting your CPU.

Click here to download

I highly recommend using it. Please follow the guide here as well on how to set it up for Windows auto startup.

Then, look into the main options on the left and set the settings like this :
Throttestop 1.jpg

Open the “FIVR” settings. In “FIVR Control” box, you will do the the following tweaks for each “CPU Core”, “Intel GPU” and “CPU Cache”.

Under the “CPU Core Voltage box”, check the “Unlock Adjustable Voltage”, select “Adaptative” and move the “Offet Voltage” to -125.0 mV, at 125 mV “Range”.

You are free to try for yourself other voltages. Some laptops may go lower I suppose. If you undervolt your CPU too far, it will ineluctably freeze your PC. No worries, just restart your computer, try a better value, test it again, especially in a demanding 3D program like a video game.

This is how my i7-7700HQ is set as far as mine.  After testing/setting up, save your voltages. Anyway, this is how it should look like :

Throttestop 2.jpgOne last thing : in the Options menu, you can add a temperature notification for your CPU and GPU to your taskbar. It’s a good thing to always have a look to your CPU temps.