This is a collection of several 4K nature scenery.

You need Wallpaper Engine to use them.

You can either subscribe to this collection at once, or to the following files individually :

Once you have subscribed and downloaded them all,

  1. Open Wallpaper Engine
  2. Navigate to the “Installed” tab
  3. Select all of them by ticking each box inside of their thumbnail
  4. A row named “Playlist” will appear at the bottom
  5. Click on the “Save” icon, name “4K Playlist
  6. Open the “Options” icon next to it: there you can set the “Order” to “Random” and “Change Wallpaper” to whatever setting you like.

Make sure you have allowed Wallpaper Engine to start with Windows with High Priority in the options. I would also suggest to disable the “Audio Output” setting.